Brown’s Self Interpreting Bible

Experience a captivating journey through the 1875 new edition of Brown’s Self Interpreting Bible. Delve into the depths of biblical knowledge with over eight thousand explanatory and critical notes, enlightening your understanding of each book. Published by Martin, Johnson, Co. in New York, this edition presents the Old and New Testaments according to the Authorized version. Prepare to be enthralled by an introduction, marginal references, and captivating illustrations that bring the sacred texts to life. Uncover the essence of each chapter as you explore summaries and insightful analyses. Notably, this antique Bible serves as a cherished time capsule, adorned with dried flowers and possibly centuries-old four-leaf clovers. Immerse yourself in its rich history through our exclusive photo gallery. Embark on a spiritual journey and return to Brown’s Bible Auction Listing, where the timeless awaits.